Dance First


Adult Ballet
Our adult ballet classes are filled with dancers of all ages and abilities who want to have fun and be challenged. We have a number of different ballet classes during the week to suit all levels.
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Dance First offers a variety of classes for children including ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and musical theatre with unique dance fusion classes for 6 years and under which teach a combination of ballet, jazz and lyrical.
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Adult Hip Hop
Join our adult hip hop classes and learn a diverse range of hip hop dance styles. Hip Hop classes at Dance First are open to everyone. We have a number of different classes to suit your level.
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Adult Contemporary
Contemporary classes at Dance First are challenging. Our classes are 60 minutes long and will physically and mentally challenge you.
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Adult Tap
Our adult tap dance classes are suitable for all levels of tap dancers. Polish your tap shoes ready to create loud and rhythmic striking sounds on the hard floor.
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Adult Jazz
Think jazz classes, think grapevine & arabesque. Our adult jazz classes are high-energy with plenty of space for individual expression, ready to kick & leap!
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Adult Pilates
Our Dance First Pilates teachers give individual attention to ensure you are applying the correct technique to each exercise and stretch, so you get the full benefit from each workout.
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Adult Total Barre
Total Barre is a high intensity new form of fitness that combines Pilates with ballet moves. It is a sequence of endurance exercises designed as a good overall workout for all muscle groups, promoting body tone and increasing stamina.
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