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Lets meet the Dance First team!

Sara-Jane Sara-Jane is the studio artistic director / owner / ballet , dance fusion and Total Barre teacher.  She is someone who is very passionate about her dance community, who always ensures both the child and adult dancers have a safe space to just have fun and dance!  If you do get the opportunity to dance with her, you are SO VERY LUCKY.

Rebecca  Rebecca handles all of our enrolments and administration. You don’t often get to see her but behind the scenes she is a complete powerhouse answering all of your emails and questions whilst sorting out classes and admin logistics. We are so very grateful for all of your hard-work, Rebecca.

Faith Faith is our studio manager who handles our socials & marketing and DRUM ROLL please …. she is also our FABULOUS HIP HOP teacher.  Faith is such an inspirational teacher who knows how to motivate her students and has a unique ability to unlock the potential in all her dancers. Because of this her classes are in HOT DEMAND.  If you know her, then you know she absolutely loves and adores ALL her dancers.

Gemma Gemma is our dance fusion,  jazz ballet and ballet teacher.  We are so very lucky to have had Gemma as one of our teachers for the last 4 years now. She continuously puts so much effort into her lessons and ensures all her dancers get the absolute most out of each class. ​​​​​​​ She is enthusiastic, loving and a real soft hearted person. We can’t thank you enough Gemma for your hard work and loyalty to Dance First ​​​​​​​

Jess  Jess is one of our ballet teachers ​​​​​. If you know Jess well enough, then you know she is such a chatterbox with an infectious smile. We have been so incredibly lucky to watch her create absolute magical dances in classes but also dances that have featured in our annual dance shows for the past few years.  Thank you Jess for the constant love you’ve given us and all your dancers xx We love you!

Mari Mari is one of our ballet teachers​​​​​​​.  We have been so incredibly lucky to have her teaching here at Dance First. Mari has a special way of producing such outstanding pieces that her dancers absolutely love to learn and perform. All her dancers are THRIVING in her classes on Wednesdays.​​​​​​​  Mari is poised , gentle , and so very knowledgeable. We cannot thank you enough for loving Dance First the way you do​​​​​​​.

Molly  Molly teaches ballet , dance fusion and jazz. She is no stranger to the Dance First Team. She has taught for us in previous years. Recently Molly has returned back to Dance First from overseas to share her dance knowledge with both her children’s classes and her adult classes.  Molly is what we call a TRIPLE THREAT in the Arts World. She can dance , sing and act; she & her brain are so valuable…. WE ARE LUCKY !!!!

Hilary  Hilary is our outstanding tap teacher.​​​​​​​ Hilary gives her students a space where they can up-skill and learn. The Friday dacers have been tapping together for some years now they are so very close . We know how much knowledge Hilary has been sharing plus still yet more to offer. ​​​​​​​ We appreciate all your hard work & efforts, Hilary! ​







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